What do the PRIVATE 5 sessions entail?

You are living life fiercely! Bravely!

1. In order for you to get the most out of a personal coach, a conversation regarding current situation takes place with your coach, in order to clarify points of frustration.

2. We will design a specific plan of action for each goal together, and we will also list specific action items to be completed.

3. As your coach I will provide the INDIVIDUALIZED follow up through our 5 PRIVATE sessions (Usually $175 per hour) and assist you in identifying problem areas.

4. My job as your coach is to provide accountability and structure.

5. The Fierce IT! Courses on the other hand, are six week courses on four different areas (Life, Business, Relationship, Parenting). If you need to know more about the courses (there may be more than one person registered for those 6 weeks) click on the link above and choose the package that best works for you!

6. The questionnaire is how it all starts…click here for the 5 Gold Circle Process and make sure you leave us your email!