Aug 07 2019

A letter to my son

May you always be protected and may you always self respect.

May you always be a man of good morals and huge heart. May you live fiercely and treat your future wife like a queen. May you be reminded that all the times I have disciplined you have been out of pure love.

I am proud of your heart and who you are. I hope your path is full blessings and that the obstacles are few. I pray for strength for you and the ability to always make the right choices.

May you know that you are loved unconditionally. You are a blessing to me.

Now in your teenage years you sometimes get distracted with your games and friends and I wait to see a message or a call from you. Especially when you are at your dads. Please know that just a “Hi mom,” makes my entire day. That’s because I love you. Now and forever.

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