Feb 10 2019

A letter to my daughter

I will start by telling you that my love for you is unconditional.

No one will ever even think of loving you the way I do. They can sure try. However, they didn’t carry you inside their body for nine months. I did that.

For you I have saved tears, cried, suffered, worried, prayed, screamed and sacrificed like most moms do. The unthinkable. Some things you can’t even imagine.

As you start blossoming into who you are as a woman, I pray that the basic lessons from childhood are not forgotten.

Respect. Humbleness. Love. Trust and Self-love.

Know that common sense will always guide you in the decisions you make, and that you can do anything your heart and mind fiercely desires.

I will live in your heart forever, even if throughout your teenage years we often don’t see eye to eye.

I promise to always tell you what I think and why. You don’t have to agree with me, but you need to know my thoughts.

I will also listen to what you think and why. I don’t have to agree with you either, but I need to know your thoughts.

Please know that if we do, or we don’t agree, it doesn’t matter to me.

My door will always be open to you, my ears will always be open to listen, and my heart, is with yours today & forever.



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