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1. Request a Discovery Questionnaire.

2. Coach/Client Discovery Call (15 Minute-Complimentary). Let’s analyze your needs and budget. Expectations. Length of relationship.
This is the step where we analyze which program best fits your needs.

3. Scheduling. When will we have our sessions? How?

4. Contract Signed. How long? What program?

5. Getting Started. Let’s Fierce IT!

FIERCE IT! Courses

Invest time in YOU! Learn the skills to FIERCE IT! In any of the four areas...
Life Coaching

A Life Coach motivates and inspires you to reach the goals that you have set for yourself. A coach helps you by strategizing and setting a timetime for your goals and holding you accountable via follow up. A coach is there to LISTEN and celebrate you focusing on your future....Not your past or your present. A Life Coach helps you to shift your thinking so that you are in control of your thoughts.


With the growing numbers of broken homes and marriages, our children regardless of age, are going through confusing and challenging times. Whether married or raising kids as a single parent, you are always moving forward with your coach (me), one step at a time; by someone who is highly trained to lead you towards your preferred relationship with your child/children.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is the application of coaching strategies to enhance or improve your personal and/or business relationships. The coach provides result-oriented tools. Coaching helps functional people achieve their personal and relationship goals. It is not a replacement for therapy provided by a licensed clinician trained to treat mental, emotional, and psychological disorders.

Business Coaching

The most important job of a business coach is to change the way you (or your team), see your business. In most cases, you are too close to the problem to understand how to fix it. Business coaching is the practice of hiring a person, to come into your organization and help you work toward your goals. If you don’t have an organization, you meet with your coach and define what objectives you need to shoot for. We then create an actionable plan that enables you to achieve your objectives.



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5 Steps To Your Success

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  • Submit Email & Request your Discovery questionaire
  • Discovery Call (15 min)
  • Schedule Session or Event
  • Client/Coach Contract
  • Get Started!

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Cursos Fierce IT!

Ahora tienes acceso a un programa enseñado directamente por mi, que te da estrategias semanalmente para organizar tus ideas, metas y vida…tenemos estas sesiones disponibles por zoom si no vives en Miami o en persona. Son seis semanas de una hora o una hora y media de instrucción directa (pueden haber otras participantes) donde vas a aprender sobre uno de los cuatro temas que tú selecciones.

  • Vida.
  • Negocios.
  • Relaciones.
  • Niños o Adolescentes y crianza.
  • Selecciona el programaPlata
  • Oro
  • Platino

Queriéndome Más

Queriéndome más es un curso donde nos enfocaremos en ti y en tu autoestima. El autoestima y las metas de vida van mano a mano. Trabajaremos en ti durante este taller para poner al día todas las cosas que necesitas para alcanzar tu mejor versión. Sean metas de salud, familia, negocio, relaciones, o crianza de niños o adolescentes. Aprenderás a cambiar tu manera de pensar para beneficiar tu futuro. Aprenderás más sobre el perdón y el miedo. Ahora tenemos un cursillo disponible de cuatro horas por zoom o en persona. También impartimos este taller en diferentes localidades. Ponte en contacto con nosotros para registrarte en el próximo taller .



Aparte de estos cursos especializados también damos charlas motivacionales en colegios, eventos, iglesias, grupos de terapia, padres de adolescentes, grupos de mujeres, lugares de trabajo, y en casas privadas. También nos especializamos dando charlas exclusivas a grupos de mujeres que están apunto de casarse para compartir con ellas Tips eficaces de cómo mantener una relación sana! Puede invitar a su bridal party. Julie tiene un Masters en educación especial y también hacer consultas para familias de niños especiales o grupos de papás.



Fierce IT! Courses

Now you have access to a life coach which will help you on a weekly basis to organize your thoughts, goals, and life by giving you essential tips on one of the four sessions of your choice. Select one of the sessions that you feel you need and we will start working on that specific area.
There may be other participants in these courses. You have three options and level of commitment as there are three packages silver, gold, and platinum.
These are the four courses available:

  • Life
  • Business
  • Relationships
  • Parenting

Private Sessions

Many people need personalized sessions in order to be able to talk about their current situation and get some guidance regarding a new focus and life goal. I will work personally with you in order to identify all the obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals, setting action items that we can follow through with, on a weekly basis, and accountability. These sessions last one hour to one hour and a half, and usually have a rate of $175 per hour. Take advantage of our special now of five sessions for only $649. It all begins with requesting your discovery questionnaire.
If you already know that this is what you need, follow link below.



You can now book a life coach to attend one of your events, whether it’s a motivational speaker that you need for a school, church, women’s group, parent group, bridal group, or weekly activity. The life coach can speak about any topic regarding life; business, and relationships in the workplace; parenting, relationships, mind shifting, accountability, goal-setting, leadership and more.



All you’ve ever wanted in a theme
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FIERCE IT! Courses

From the comfort of your own home.
Take a virtual course and let’s connect live every week!
Success Stories

A life coach can help you figure out what you want to do with your life and, more importantly, they can help you figure out how to do it. Many people think that they don’t need help and that they can do everything by themselves. The truth is that..

Relationship Coaching

In a relationship there are solvable problems and unsolvable problems. Problems can remain unsolved for years, when the skills and information needed to communicate effectively are not present, resulting in unhappiness and resentment..

Fierce Coaching Services

Designed with your personal needs in mind

Individual Coaching Services

us-flag Get my individualized attention in order to start working on those goals that have been put off for way to long. Your success awaits! What’s holding you back?

Es-flagObtén mi atención personalizada para empezar a trabajar junt@s en esas metas que no has logrado obtener. Tu éxito espera por ti pero…a que esperas?

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Group Coaching

us-flagSchedule a phone, zoom, in-person group coaching session based on your needs. From relationship coaching with your girlfriends to a work business coaching call. Find a group, find a need, let me serve.

Es-flagLas sesiones de coaching en grupo son magníficas! Están basadas en tus necesidades. Desde una reunion con amigas sobre como subir tu autoestima a como mejorar la relación con tus hijos. Encuentra un grupo, encuentra una necesidad, y déjame ayudar!

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us-flagSchedule an event with me as your Special Guest or Master of ceremonies, in order to motivate your future clients or employees, women, teens, parents and any other group needing any service related to life, business, relationships or parenting.

Es-flagOrganiza un evento y cuenta conmigo como maestro de ceremonias o invitada especial, para motivar a tus clientes, empleados, o grupos de mujeres, adolescentes, padres…cualquier grupo que necesite servicios de coaching de vida, negocios, relaciones interpersonales y crianza.

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