Jan 31 2019

Fix your messages to the universe

Where I am now is definitely not where I was a couple of years ago. Everything that has happened to me and for me (because there is a difference)

Where YOU are today is not where you HAVE to be. It’s part of YOUR journey. What happens in your universe from this point forward, is a matter of decision and CONSCIOUS mental thoughts and actions.

You can’t change what happened to you, or what they said or believed about you… but you can change how you think, act, and react to it. In order for you to change how you think, act and react, you are going to need some tools to help you through the process of taking yourself back. The process of rebuilding.

Guess why? Because the person that WAS you…may be lost! Yes, that person that WAS you, that person who liked and did certain things, no longer does them or experience them in the same manner or with the same passion because you put everyone else’s needs before your own…simply because you were hurt. Maybe your relationship situation is amazing, but the relationship with your kids or family members is failing, or maybe your business is not producing, perhaps your employees are not as loyal as they used to be, maybe life in general has dealt you with unfair cards, maybe you want a relationship, maybe you need stability, more money, to find love…This specific blog today is for those of you in pain, relationship wise.



I come across people who have been through divorce, failed relationships, and others who are struggling with whether they should go or stay. The idea here, is for YOU to get your life together for once and for all, regardless of what you might be feeling at this moment!


Who were you BEFORE getting heartbroken?
What did you believe about yourself DURING the relationship?
Who were you AFTER you got involved in the relationship?
What did you have to get over?
What do you still need to get over?
How have you changed?
What were your hopes?
Why have you given up on YOU?
Why do you feel like the situation you face or faced was deserved?
If you know you were wronged, why are you still dwelling on those emotions that hurt you?
If you made a mistake, why not move past it?
Let’s get to work!


If you have been hurt, you probably don’t believe there is anyone out there that is worth it. Maybe you know it’s a possibility, but feel it’s a possibility for everyone else except you.  Maybe you want nothing to do with love, because you are petrified of being exposed to pain again. People avoid pain and crave pleasure. Most people do not want to believe that there is something better because it’s an unknown, and the unknown is scary.


You are therefore avoiding uncertainty, and you are avoiding pain. If you believe true love is not coming for you, guess what? You are right! With thoughts you create; so through your thoughts you are already telling the universe that there is no one for you. With your thoughts you are REJECTING happiness, love, trust, fulfillment, richness, functional relationships, a clean life, health, body, weight loss/gain goals, and many other things. You have a right to be happy.

My goal is to turn what the universe THINKS you want, into knowing exactly WHAT you want and HOW you want it. I can’t wait to share with you how I did it. I just had to FIERCE IT!©

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